75 years of daylight

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1st April 2016 marks the beginning of the VKR Group’s 75th anniversary year. VKR Group was founded in 1941 by Villum Kann Rasmussen, who developed the VELUX skylight the following year. VILLUM Window Collection takes its name from him.

To commemorate the Group’s anniversary, an animated film has been made about the company and its founder: 75 Years in Daylight.
An international painting competition were also organized. Read more about the VKR Group’s 75th Anniversary competition and see the paintings submitted: Paintings from 20 countries

The jubilee will be celebrated with a number of activities by the entire VKR Group. Keep up to date with the activities on the facebook page: VKR 75.

VILLUM Window Collection commemorates the anniversary by the release of a graphic book with the title, The History of Glass and Windows, and – not least – by a special exhibition of windows - anniversary gifts that we have been thrilled to receive from VKR Group companies around the world. These fascinating and widely diverse windows lend the collection a more international air.

VILLUM Window Collection will also be celebrating the 75th anniversary with a series of cultural historical seminars (in Danish only), made in collaboration with the Danish Architecture Centre. The first seminar, “Light and Windows in Art”, will take place on 16th June. In September we hold the seminar “The Window as a Construction Element”. Exact dates and times will be published on this website.

Additionally, from July to September, VILLUM Window Collection and the Danish Architecture Centre will offer guided walking tours of Copenhagen focusing on the historical windows of the city.

And finally, we mark the 75th anniversary with photo contests on facebook, twitter and Instagram:#MyDaylightMoment and #MyWorldWindow. We look forward to sharing your special daylight moments and your favourite window photos and experiences.

All of VKR’s jubilee year activities will be posted on our website, so keep your eye on www.villumwindowcollection.com