#MyWorldWindow competition

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Are you aware of how different window are? The size, the material or the cultural differences from country to country, city to city, house to house – what is your favourite? Share your picture of your favorite window with #MyWorldWindow on Instagram – and take part in the competition of being exhibit at VILLUM Window Collection and having your photo on the new VILLUM Window Collection poster.


The VILLUM Window Collection is centered around daylight in our everyday lives. During 2016 the VKR Group are celebrating their 75th anniversary year. In 1941 the Danish civil engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen founded the VKR Group and developed the VELUX roof window in 1942. The jubilee will be celebrated with a number of activities by the entire VKR Group amongst others this photo competition to underline the value of daylight in our everyday lives all over the world.

How to participate
1. Check that your profile is open so that your pictures can be viewed by others than those who follow you.

Alternativtly you can upload your picture on VILLUM Window Collection’s Facebook page.

2. Take a picture (from outside) of your favorite window (or use and old one you have taken on your holiday).

3. Tag your photos of your favorite window with #MyWorldWindow and you will automatic take part of the competition.

Old and new images from around the world
As long as your images is taken by you and relate to the theme of world windows is allowed to tag
- Old and new photos
- Photos taken anywhere in the world

16 January, 2017

A place in the temporary exhibition in VILLUM Window Collection, a place on the new VILLUM Window Collection poster and a poster send to your home address. 


We are looking forward to see your picture(s)!


The terms
The competition is held on Instagram-profilen @villumwindowcollection maintained by the VKR Group.
The competition is not connected to, administrated or sponsored by Instagram.
When participating in the competition you accept that VILLUM WINDOW COLLECTION are allowed to publish and use your pictures and your Instagram username, along with the picture(s) you have uploaded in their exhibition in Søborg, Denmark and on the poster mentioned in this competition. The VILLUM WINDOW COLLECTION are also allowed to use the picture(s) on the media that they use. 

Questions? Contact The Danish Architecture Centre on this email: ef@dac.dk