"Wall of Windows from The Brooking"

On June 1st, VILLUM Window Collection opened the special exhibition "Wall of Windows from The Brooking" to the public.

The exhibition features a unique wall of 68 historical windows. The wall is designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas based on the English architectural historian Charles Brooking's impressive collection of building components.

The exhibition gives the Danes an opportunity to experience a work of art, which was an acclaimed highlight at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2014. The historical British windows cover a period from 1690 to 1966.

The Architectural Biennale in Venice is the world's largest architecture exhibition. It has an overall theme each time, and in 2014 the theme was "Fundamentals" with the main exhibition "Elements of Architecture", which featured basic elements of architecture such as ceilings, windows, walls, stairs cases, balconies, doors, floors, elevators and toilets - each element was featured in its own separate exhibition, curated by Rem Koolhaas.

“Wall of Windows from the Brooking” is named after the English architectural historian Charles Brooking, who has collected approximately half a million British building components.

The collection is located in Surrey in southern England and covers a period of 500 years. A main part of The Brooking’s collection is ca. 40,000 windows and hundreds of thousands window parts.  

At the opening reception Charles Brooking elaborated on the history of the collection together with his assistant Anna Bishop of The Brooking National Architectural Museum.