Hammershøi - a photo exhibition

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Photographs by architect Jens Markus Lindhe portrays the classical architecture of Copenhagen that takes the viewer back to the era of Vilhelm Hammershøi. The famous Danish painter was born in 1864 and lived most of his life in Copenhagen where he died in 1916. By capturing the architecture and interior of Copenhagen, which is still largely in its intact form, Jens Lindhe shows that Hammershøi's motives are still part of the Copenhagen cityscape.

The photo exhibition will be on display in Paris between 30th May until 12th June 2019. However, it is already on display at VWCO now and until 1st May 2019.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Jens Markus Lindhe, Maison du Danemark in Paris and VILLUM Window Collection.