The Framlev Window Plank

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  • Framlev Planken

In collaboration with The Viking Ship Museum's Boatyard we have created a reproduction of a medieval window, which is now on display in the exhibition.

The window is a copy of the ”Framlev Window Plank” which is exhibited at the National Museum of Denmark. The Framlev Window Plank is an original, romanesque window from Framlev church which was built in the 12th century.

It was tradition to first build a stave church and then build a brick church around it. When the brick church was finished the stave church would be disassembled and the timber reused for window frames etc. The Framlev Window Plank was also originally part of the Framlev stave church and later reused for windows in the brick church.

The plank has a rebate on the inside where a glass pane was attached. From other examples of the time we know that the glass pane was fixed with nails. The grooves on either side of the plank come from the original stave construction.

The window is now on display in our "Magazine Wall".