"Wall of Windows from The Brooking"

Architectural historian Charles Brooking talks about the collection at The Brooking.

"Wall of Windows from The Brooking" a new special exhibition at VILLUM Window Collection. The exhibition consists of 68 historic windows from the collection The Brooking.

Windows from the Brooking drew special attention at the Biennale Architettura 2014 in Venice, where a whole wall of windows from the 18th century to 1966 was part of the Biennale's main exhibition on the elements of architecture. In a distinguished manner, this wall represented English window history for more than 250 years.

For the VILLUM Window Collection it is a great honour of being able to present this marvelous wall of windows in Denmark.

At the opening of the exhibition Charles Brooking introduced the "Wall of Windows" alongside Anna Bishop, from The Brooking National Architectural Museum.

Biennale Architecture 2014 Venice
The Biennale is the world's largest architecture exhibition and has an overall theme each time. In 2014, the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas was the curator of the Biennale.

The theme was called ‘Fundamentals’ with the main exhibition ‘Elements of Architecture’, which featured basic architecture elements such as ceilings, windows, walls, staircases, balconies, doors, floors, elevators, toilets, etc. and each element was featured with its own exhibition.

The Brooking
Windows are a very large part of The Brooking´s collection, which houses a unique collection of approximately half a million English building components such as doors, windows, staircases and chimney pieces. The windows have always had a special significance for Charles Brooking, who wished for a window for his seventh birthday. Today, the Brooking features approximately 40,000 windows along with window parts, mainly covering the 17th century till about 1970.