• Bastian
  • Sindre
  • Simon

What does the current view through your window look like? And how does it make you feel?

The worldwide spread of coronavirus has quickly changed everything we know. From New Delhi to New York, streets lay empty. We are practising being #togetherapart by #socialdistancing and staying inside.

Through our windows we can watch scenes play out. From apocalyptic anxiety to a strengthened faith in the future.

How to join

Take a picture of an unusual, disturbing, uplifting or completely regular moment happening outside of your window. Upload the image along with a short description to Instagram and use the hashtag #viewthoughmywindow2020. Or post the image and description in your Instagram Stories, and add @villumwindowcollection and #viewthoughmywindow2020

Remember, you need to have an open Instagram profile to join the event.

Deadline and exhibition

The event runs until June 1st 2020. A selection of the uploaded images will be shown in an exhibition launched in June 2020. The selected images will be revealed on June 12th 2020.

We are looking forward to seeing your view!


Read about our terms and conditions here.


Photo: Bastian Hjelm (@bastianhjelmphoto), Sindre Aarhus Narvestad (@sindrenarvestad), Simon Risum Pedersen (@simonrisum)