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Ellen Breyen Gröning wins the photo competition #mydaylightmoment19


VILLUM Window Collection has found a winner of the photo competition #mydaylightmoment19.

"The picture is beautifully composed and aesthetically pleasing. But there is more about Ellen Breyen Grönings photograph. There is something mystical and somehow off about the composition. The picture has a hint of melancholy. It is the mood and slight warping that takes the image from pretty to interesting. Ellen Breyen Gröning has captured daylight in an interesting way and is therefore the winner of #mydaylightwindow19”.  

Ellen adds these words to her picture: "A quiet moment by the window, where time and place stands still. Only the shadow from the window dances and tells a story about life on te other side." 

A great thank you to everyone who took part in the competition and for all the daylight moments.


The intention with the competition was to focus on the difference in daylight and windows and how they affect the way we experience architecture.